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Jan 2, 2019

7 myths about coffee

Coffee is part of many’s morning ritual, yet still many myths circulate about it. Here are some that we have demystif...

Oct 12, 2018

Coffee: a vulnerable crop

  In connection with our trip to Colombia (which is getting close!), we wanted to mention something that has quite w...

Oct 5, 2018

How did Colombian coffee become a global standard?

Colombia was quick to understand the potential power of marketing in coffee circles, and it leveraged this to make it...

Sep 28, 2018

Colombia: what about the altitudes ?

The altitudes of Colombia If you are familiar with coffee, you have certainly heard of the famous Colombian coffee......

Sep 21, 2018

Coffee in Colombia, a long story

As you know, in December we’ll be heading to Colombia to tour coffee plantations and discover the country, which is ...

Sep 15, 2018

From Your Cup to Colombia: visit the plantations

 As you already know, we’re running a contest: win a trip to Colombia with experts from FARO. Prompted by the launch...

Jun 8, 2018

3 tips for drinking the best coffee anywhere, anytime!

Whether you are on the edge of the beach or in the depths of the woods, at -35 degrees or at 20,000 meters above sea ...

May 25, 2018

Cold Brew VS Iced Coffee

Recently we launched our own Nitro Cold Brew and it is available at our various stores and will soon be more widely a...

Apr 27, 2018

How to choose your coffee ?

It may seem difficult to determine which coffee is best suited to your tastes and the type of brewing method you want...

Mar 29, 2018

Indonesia: the island of Sumatra

The island of Sumatra is certainly one of Asia’s wildest lands. The characteristic blue and green tinges of the bean...

Jan 16, 2018

Around the world with our barista: South Korea

With more than 100,000 coffees and a weekly consumption of 12.3 coffees per capita, South Korea has become one of t...

Dec 29, 2017

Chambord berries espresso

Portions: 1 Prep. Time: 5 minutes Accessories/decorations Wine cup, espresso machine, ice cubes Ingredients Cost...
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