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Add to cart and checkout issues

Hi, we are aware of add to cart and checkout issues when purchasing subscriptions. We are actively working on the matter. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience.



What is a coffee subscription ? A coffee subscription is a simple way to get your coffee delivered at your door at the frequency you desire. It can be every two weeks, every month or even every 45 or 60 days. The choice is yours ;) Note that ALL our coffees are available in subscriptions formula.

Why should I subscribe ? If you subscribe, you will save 5% on every order, for any coffee. Note that some discounts can still apply in addition to that 5%. Plus, you will never run out of coffee, and you will never have to worry about it. It will simply be delivered at your door, when you need it, without doing anything. Yes, life is beautiful. :)  

Can I change the frequency I receive my coffee ? Absolutely, at any time.

Can I change the coffee in my subscription ? Absolutely, at any time.

Can I stop my subscription ? Absolutely, at any time.


What is the difference between your 3 lines of coffee ?

    • The Limited Roast line is a selection of unique coffees, among the best in the world. These are roasted in small batches so you can get the best out of them. You can expect to be able to purchase these coffee for a limited time. Only in 1 LB bags.
    • The Classic line is more about your daily coffee at home. These coffees are our classics, our reference points that we roast and brew for a long time now. They will accompany you every day as they accompany us since we created them. Only in 2 LB bags.
    • The Responsible line is our selection of Fair Trade and Organic coffees. They are essential for producing communities and we've been involved for decades now in these programs.

How fresh is your coffee ? We roast every day so your coffee will be roasted between 1 to 4 day before you receive it. Usually, coffee is roasted the day you order.

Do you sell FairTrade and Organic coffee ? Yes, we currently have 3 different FTO coffees, you can find them here.

Do you sell decaffeinated coffee ? Yes, we have one Swiss Water decaffeinated coffee.

Some coffees are unavailable, is it normal ? This can happen, especially in the Limited Roast line. This is because these coffees are from small batches, directly from the farm and we only buy small quantities to roast.


What is the difference between your default bags and compostable bags?

    • The default bag is a foiled bag (thin aluminum foil) and a freshness valve. This is the best way to keep your coffee as fresh as it can be, so it can taste what it's supposed to taste as long as possible. Unfortunately, these bags are not recyclable nor compostable.
    • The compostable bag is a bag made to be compostable in your city facilities. There is no valve nor aluminum foil, so coffee will not be kept as well, and will quickly lose its optimal freshness and taste. This bag is best use if you can store your coffee in an airtight container, and drink it in a month or less.


Do you offer free shipping ? Yes, but only in Canada. Shipping is free if you order more than 3 LB or more than $55.

What are the shipping fees ? If you don't order more than 3 LB, shipping fees are $9.95, wherever you are.

What is your return policy ? You can learn more about our return policy here.

2021 Price

Why prices increased at the end of 2021? The global pandemic coupled with unprecedented climatic events have resulted in cost increases in many sectors of activity that directly affect the coffee industry. Among these increases we can find:

- transport costs: more than 65% of containers transacting in the world show delivery delays, which leads to a massive shortage of containers. Maritime transport is unable to keep up with demand, which leads to a significant increase in the cost of delivery per container. In addition, Canada Post, our home delivery partner, imposed 2 major increases in less than a year.

- packaging costs: with the end of the pandemic, the prices of raw materials have jumped, directly impacting packaging costs; cardboard, plastic, aluminum or even paper, the demand for these products exceeding the proposed supply.

- the price of coffee itself: in July 2021, the price of coffee on market C peaked and then stabilized at prices 50% higher than the average for the last 2 years. This situation is caused by the freeze in Brazil, but also the strike movements which affect several producing countries. To find out more, listen to our radio interview here (in french).

Pour plus d'infos:

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Gift cards

Where can I use FARO's gift cards ? PHYSICAL gift cards are ONLY valid in physical stores. ONLINE gift cards are ONLY valid on the online store.

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