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Berlin in five cafes

Berlin in five cafes

At the end of winter, I left our beautiful province and its incessant snowfall to visit a dear friend, who's established in Germany for the year. Scheduled at the very last minute, this trip would allow me to discover an eccentric and underrated metropolis.


I must be totally frank here. This very big city was not on my bucket list. You know, this famous list that we build one day or another, which details all the countries, all the cities and small remote corners of the world that we absolutely must visit in our life. Berlin seemed gray to me during this Canadian winter that we wanted so much to get rid of. It's after a trip to Instagram, and after devouring some travel guides I started to really look forward to it.

What a mistake I made to believe that the German capital was boring.

It's quite the opposite.

Berlin is colorful and offering an incredible artistic culture.

And what about its coffeeshops.


The Visit coffee Berlin - photo credit Anne-Sophie Milette

Photo credit : Anne-Sophie Milette

Fortuitous meeting. I was looking for another coffee when I found this one by chance. It's the neon "We have coffee" that attracted me.

Effective, isn't it?

When you enter the cafe, it's a warm and friendly welcome that is first served to us. Then, a creamy and light latte, made from a slightly fruity espresso. Sweet blend of a Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia and a Brazilian grain roasted on the spot. My first latte in Berlin was memorable.

It's no surprise that The Visit has become the place where I have most often started my days. Its sleek design, endearing baristas and all-day brunch are well worth a detour in Kreuzberg (also known as Little Istanbul), a multi-ethnic district filled with beautiful surprises.


Adalbertstrasse 9, 10999, Berlin


It's at the end of a small side street that we find this coffee out of the ordinary. The Bonanza is a vast place where wood, white brick and plants harmonize under a very high ceiling to make us appreciate their excellent coffee. This place that seduces the eyes as much as the taste buds is also inhabited by a very large roasting laboratory, where several artisans help each other, mixing old and new methods to find the best way to put grain in the spotlight. Retro Innovation is the name that roasters attribute to their research and combinations. It has been serving an exceptional coffee since 2006.

Flat white is a success, as well as the Bonanza Blend that is used in the machine. A creamy espresso revealing chocolate and fruity aromas.

Definitely a must.


Orderbergerstrasse 35, 10435, Berlin


Companion Coffee Berlin - photo credit Anne-Sophie Milette

Photo credit : Anne-Sophie Milette

Installed at Voo Stores, the Companion is very small.

Here, no wifi network or electrical outlet available to connect a computer.

The place encourages to focus on its coffee, its tea, the person who accompanies you or its book. Casually, this lack of electronics is felt and makes the place quiet, despite the presence of the shop that hosts the little cafe. The shop deserves special attention, it's beautiful, such as its products. The place is just wonderful whether you are in love with fashion or not.

The Companion Coffee uses the grain or blend of a guest roaster, which changes monthly. This month, it's the E.CO.MITA blend of Barcelona's Nomad roaster. Flat white is delicious, unctuous and light. The americano is a little tougher, but just as good, with notes of cocoa and tangy fruit, nectarine, more precisely.


Oranienstrasse 24, 10997, Berlin


Roamers coffee Berlin - photo credit rose Trudel

Photo credit : Rose Trudel

In addition to offering delectable lunches served in the most adorable scenery (lovers of botany, watch yourself), the Roamers offers very good coffees and according to locals, very good cocktails. In a Californian atmosphere, enjoy one of the best cappuccino in Berlin (in my opinion), infused with a blend of Bonanza Coffee Roasters, which I praise above. If you pass the very small restaurant, don't hesitate to join the queue, you will not regret your coffee or your golden bread.


Pannierstrasse 64, 12043, Berlin


The Barn Coffeeshop Berlin - Photo credit Anne-Sophie Milette

Photo credit : Anne-Sophie Milette

Offered in six different small branches, the Barn is also a must (they're all, you will tell me; and the answer is yes, definitely.)

A bit more bitter espresso, it grabs a little more, but it's just as good served to you with a delicious flat white or with a latte. What is interesting here is the fact that all varieties of coffee offered are certified fairtrade and are derived from microlots. Easily traceable coffees revealing particular and specific terroir aromas.

I unfortunately forgot to note the coffee used for my two beverages, but despite this little oversight, I definitely recommend a trip to The Barn. Stop for one of the many beverages and a delicious apple pastry before exploring Berlin's Museum Island.


The Barn Mitte: Auguststrasse 58, 10119, Berlin

The Barn Neukölln: Friedelstrasse 27, 12047, Berlin

Black Isle of London (in Berlin)

Bacl Isle London (in Berlin) - photo credit Anne-Sophie Milette

Photo credit : Anne-Sophie Milette

This latest address isn't a cafe. It's rather a pastry shop where the espresso served is excellent, just like the rest.

Anne-Sophie Milette

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