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About us


A family business founded in Sherbrooke, Brûleries Faro specializes in specialty coffee roasting since 1982. Indeed, we offer a wide variety of bulk coffees; because above all, coffee is a matter of taste! In our stores, the great classics of the producing countries rub shoulders with our Single-Origin, Direct Trade, Women Producers, fairtrade, organic coffees and more.

In the world of coffee, there are always concepts to learn. In order to deepen their knowledge, the Faro team continues to study coffee through a continuing education program: roasting, barista, cupping courses, all participate.

It is in this spirit of continuous improvement that the development of the coffee offer in branches has been oriented. And it is this dynamic approach that enables us to provide our customers with superior quality bulk coffees.


For several years, we have been making fieldtrips allowing us to feel the passion that lives in these coffee producers, the respect they have for their product, but also for the nature that surrounds them. We can also see their fears, the pressure of climate change and stock prices, as well as all the other challenges they face on a daily basis.

These visits allow us to show farmers that their work is important, that their attention to detail is noticed and that we support them. With long-term relationships with these producers, we are able to not only have access to exceptional products, but to create valuable relationships with those without whom you could not have your cup of coffee.


At FARO, we believe in a green, fair and respectful philosophy, which is why we have been offering certified Fairtrade coffees for more than 20 years now and why we have incorporated sustainable development into our practices.

There will always be a way to go, but we hope that these initiatives, no matter how small, can inspire you and many others to make changes in your daily life to have a positive influence on the future of coffee and on the people behind your cup at every sip.


Our specialty coffees are roasted in our small batches, thus maximizing the development of aromas, flavors and of course, the freshness of the product. Our best green coffees are stored at our parent company, in a temperature-controlled environment.

Our Diedrich roaster is custom made and caters to our every whim regarding the quality of our coffee beans. The burner technology generates clean and efficient combustion, thus much less polluting. This oven is precise, sustainable, constant, in addition to keeping this craft side from which all the art of roasting unfolds. It allows us to maintain the quality of our coffees in all circumstances, regardless of your volumes and your needs.


Today, we have 10 stores across Quebec. The warm atmosphere of our cafes allows us to celebrate and share our passion with you. You can come and enjoy a cup of coffee and take advantage of our spaces to work, study, read or chat in good company.

We always offer you 3 espresso options to choose from, including our House Blend, Golden Gate Espresso and Decaf de Caña.

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