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7 myths about coffee

7 myths about coffee

Coffee is part of many’s morning ritual, yet still many myths circulate about it. Here are some that we have demystified just for you!


1- The coffee dehydrates 

Studies have concluded that coffee has no impact on the loss of water in the body. It's quite simple: it's about comparing drinking coffee to drinking water. By analyzing the results, you can conclude that a caffeinated beverage does not make you urinate more than water, so do not hesitate to drink it daily!


2- The coffee is better preserved in the refrigerator

Ground CoffeeThere are several things that can make your coffee scale, it can be high temperature, oxidation, humidity or gas evolution. One way to slow down the gas evolution as well as the chemical reactions that can be triggered is to cool the storage temperature. On the other hand, keeping your coffee in such a humid environment can cause condensation when you take it out of your refrigerator: this water can cause a deterioration in the quality of your beans.


3- The darker the coffee, the more tasty it is

When the roast is dark, it hides all the subtilities and flavours that make your coffee so distinctive. For example, the light roasting of our Ethiopian Galena Abaya is what allows you to taste his blueberry notes so well.


In return, the black coffee will release more aromas of chocolate, spices or nuts, which can be very tasty, but can also tend to smoke, or even coal. In short, there is no better roasting, you simply have to find the cup you like!


4- Black coffee contains more caffeine

Coffee Roast

Conversely, it contains less than brown coffee! Indeed, the more a coffee is roasted, the more it loses mass since several molecules evaporate, including caffeine. On the other hand, caffeine remains a pretty stable molecule during the roasting process, thus the difference is so small that a person drinking coffee won’t see any variation between black and brown coffee.


5- Coffee is addictive

Many are willing to do anything to get their daily dose of caffeine. It should be noted that despite the more or less apparent symptoms of lack, talking about addiction is exaggerated. Indeed, this feeling of addiction is actually engendered only by the social representation we make of coffee. What normally causes the addictive behavior can only be activity by hard drugs, nicotine or even sugar ... but not coffee!


6- Coffee makes you defecate

We are not going to hide it, we all experienced this moment when our morning coffee sent us directly to the bathroom.


No research has really been instigated about this phenomenon. Indeed, it seems that there would be a laxative effect in caffeine, but it does not work on everyone. According to US researchers, only 3 in 10 people felt the need to go to the bathroom after drinking coffee.


7- Espresso is more caffeinated than filter coffee 

False! Although espresso has a higher concentration of caffeine than any other type of brewing methods, a cup of filter is always much larger, and therefore contains more caffeine. An espresso does not surpass a classic filter coffee!

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