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How did Colombian coffee become a global standard?

Colombia was quick to understand the potential power of marketing in coffee circles, and it leveraged this to make it...

Colombia: what about the altitudes ?

The altitudes of Colombia If you are familiar with coffee, you have certainly heard of the famous Colombian coffee......

Coffee in Colombia, a long story

As you know, in December we’ll be heading to Colombia to tour coffee plantations and discover the country, which is ...

From Your Cup to Colombia: visit the plantations

 As you already know, we’re running a contest: win a trip to Colombia with experts from FARO. Prompted by the launch...

Indonesia: the island of Sumatra

The island of Sumatra is certainly one of Asia’s wildest lands. The characteristic blue and green tinges of the bean...

Latin America: Costa Rica

Costa Rica: truly a classic! While the country accounts for just one percent of the world’s arabica production, its m...

Africa: Ethiopia

Overall taste profile Ethiopia, a country of the African continent, is not only the birthplace of humanity, but ...

Latin America: Colombia

Overall taste profile  Because Colombia is a massive coffee producer, the range of flavours available ...
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