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What's true about Cold Brew ?

What's true about Cold Brew ?

Summer is almost (finally) here and it's the perfect opportunity to try to find out more about one of our favourite drinks during the summer season: Cold Brew. Here are some truths about this cold drink!  
True: Cold Brew is as tasty as hot brewed coffee. Since the cellulose of the coffee has not been altered by contact with the heat of the water and the coffee bean, the coffee bean keeps the variety of its flavours and exposes them. Although this technique requires a lot of patience, on the other hand, it allows you to keep your drink longer, in the fridge, for as much as 5 days.
True: Cold Brew removes most of the acidity that is contained in a normally filtered coffee: more than 65% of the level of acidity is eliminated. The pH is also much more balanced (pH obtained from 6.1 versus 5.48 (7 = neutral pH) in a coffee filtered percolator. For information, a solution with a pH under 7 is called acid while above this, the liquid is called basic.
True: Cold Brew limits caffeine retention during brewing. Although the results are very often variable, it seems that in general 2/3 of the caffeine usually contained in a filtered coffee is dissolved when brewing with cold water. To give you a better idea, we could say 41 mg of caffeine per 100 g of cold brewed coffee versus 65 mg for a coffee brewed with a percolator.

True: Cold Brew is one of the best techniques when you want to maximize the richness of the aromatic subtleties of your coffee.

True: Any coffee can be used as long as it is freshly roasted, properly ground and preserved.

True: The coffee obtained is round, without bitterness and perfectly balanced, provided that the infusion was made properly.

True: We LOVE Cold Brew.
Valérie Verhoef
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