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Which brewing method suits you best

Which brewing method suits you best

The most consumed drink in the world, coffee is an integral part of many people's lives. Each type of infusion has its own set of features that allows you to make the cup that suits you best.

1- Filter coffee

The advantage of filter coffee is that it never has to be complicated: you can adjust it before going to bed so that your morning cup has already begun to brew when you get up!

The high-end automatic coffee makers also have many unique features, such as integrated coffee grinders and the choice of brewing time that can alter the intensity of your cup.

Our crush : Bonavita BV1500TS

For who?

Early birds, people in a hurry and coffee lovers who want a coffee with a constant taste and can serve more than one cup at a time.

All those for whom coffee is a complement to a productive morning, but do not worry too much with the coffee brewing ritual.

2- Espresso

Espresso latte art

Ah, espresso! An Italian classic that charms many. Espresso allows you to create many recipes, from a latte, to a cappuccino, an americano or a mocha, which makes it the darling of many coffee lovers. But do not get excited too fast, the espresso is an art surprisingly difficult to master! Indeed, a good espresso has to meet pretty strict criteria. For example, the appearance of the crema, the time of extraction and the volume of liquid.

Here are some suggestions based on the price you want to put on an espresso machine:

Small budget: Avanti Capri

Average budget: Lelit Anna

Big budget: Lelit Mara

Automatic machine: Jura

You can find all these machines in our coffeeshops!

For who?

Coffee enthusiasts who prefer a concentrated and intense coffee.

Creative people who love to make and try coffee recipes.

Espresso addicts who do not care about the price of their machine.

3- Chemex

Chemex coffee maker

Chemex has this little something: with its beautiful look, it makes coffee with delicate texture.

This type of brew brings out all the complexity of your coffee, its aromas and flavors. Indeed, since it allows you to wet the coffee grounds evenly, you can better extract the unique components of the coffee beans.

With a Chemed, you can also have complete control over the taste, intensity and temperature of the water; you can perfect your cup so it suits you perfectly!

You can buy a Chemex right here.

For who?

Lovers of a slow morning ritual and complex coffee.

Geeks who want maximum control when making coffee and are not afraid to experiment new things.

4- French Press

Bodum French Press coffee maker

Four minutes is the time needed to make coffee with a French press. This type of brew is ideal for busy people who live on-the-go, but still want a unique and tasty coffee.

Brewing with a French press is easy to adjust to your taste since you have control over all the components, be it the amount of coffee, the extraction time or the temperature of the water.

Our crush : Bodum Chambord available in our coffeeshops.

For who?

Lovers of good coffee who have very little time to prepare it and prioritize a simple and effective brewing method.

5- Cold Brew

Cold Brew nitro coffee Faro

About ⅔ less acidic than hot coffee, Cold Brew allows you to enjoy a richer coffee with flavors and a naturally sweeter taste.

Although this type of brew is not as quick as a hot coffee, you can prepare a large amount of it in advance and keep it for the whole week!

And for those who do not have all this time, you can find a multitude of Cold Brew for sale on the market, including ours!

For who?

Iced coffee fans (you guessed it!)

Patient minds who are able to wait up to 36 hours for their cold brew to be ready.

People who prefer a less acidic coffee, but still very tasty.

6- Aeropress

Aeropress coffee maker

Aeropress is small and easily transportable; it's easy to clean and the brew only takes a few minutes to produce a full-bodied coffee or espresso.

Affordable, lightweight and compact, it is the perfect sidekick for your outdoor outings and travels!

You can buy an Aeropress right here.

For who?

Travelers and adventurers who prioritize a simple and effective brew method.

The bold ones who want to vary their mug and test new things.

Want to learn more about the steps to brew the perfect coffee? Visit our Learn & discover page!

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