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Brew guide by FARO: the espresso

The espresso machine was first invented in 1884 by Angelo Moriondo, a Turinese restaurant operator. It was to satisfy the growing demand of his customers that he had the idea of making a machine serve coffee more quickly.

Since then, the machines have obviously evolved a lot but the espresso is and will always be obtained by percolation under high pressure quickly passing hot water pressurized (9 bars).

Espresso is an art that requires a lot of practice and trial and error. This video will help you lay the basics of espresso, but each setting must be tailored to your machine, your coffee and your tastes.


You will need: a manual espresso machine, fresh coffee, a mill, a tamper, a digital scale and a stopwatch.

STEP 1: grind and dose

Clean and weigh your filter holder. Grind the coffee finely. Add 18 grams of coffee for a 58mm filterholder, 15g for a 57mm filterholder.

The most important thing is to respect a ratio between 1: 2 and 1: 3 approximately.

Step 2: purge water

Start and let your machine warm up. Take the opportunity to preheat your cup, by putting it on the top of the machine for example. Once hot, purge the group by running a shot of hot water, then wait until the machine warms up.
Insert the filter holder into the group and start the infusion instantly.

Step 3: brew

Let your espresso flow. The infusion should last between 20 and 30 seconds, and the pressure should not exceed 10 bars. The ideal is 9.

If your brew runs smoothly, the coffee should flow forming a small, continuous mouse tail. If the coffee is flowing too slowly, it is over-extracted. If it flows too fast, it is under-extracted.

Your cup should contain 30 to 40 GR of coffee for a short espresso.

Step 4: serve and enjoy

Observe your crema. If it is dense and bubble-free, your espresso gets closer to perfection! A beautiful crema should not exceed about 2 mm. A good way to evaluate the quality of the crema is to stir the coffee a little. If the crema does not disappear, then you can say that you have succeeded your espresso.

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