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How to choose your coffee ?

How to choose your coffee ?

It may seem difficult to determine which coffee is best suited to your tastes and the type of brewing method you want during our morning ritual. Here is a little guide that will certainly help you to find the one that will give you the perfect cup!

Origin of the coffee

First, you need to choose an overall taste profile of a region that best fits your preferences. Here are some examples to guide you! 


His profile is light, delicate and complex at the same time. It has distinctive notes and a nice balance between the acidity of the fruit and its sugars.



With its generous and distinctive profile, Ethiopian coffee has a prestigious reputation. Its aromas vary between lemony, fruity and floral. When in natural preparation, notes of candied fruits and tropical fruits can surprise the most passionate coffee lover! 



Colombia has a wide range of flavors: they can go from full-bodied, chocolate-flavoured, to sweet and fruity. The Colombian coffees are known for their delicacy and from year to year, this region provides a stability of its own.



Brazil is the largest producer and exporter of coffee in the world. Low in acidity and full of body, Brazilian coffees are known for their different profiles and aromas of toasted nuts.


Costa Rica & Guatemala 

Countries rich in knowledge, their coffee have an exceptional quality: they have developed their expertise in different types of preparation, such as honeys and natural. You can enjoy a wide variety of flavors, whether light, sweet, fruity, or complex, rich and chocolate-flavoured. At all times, they offer a cup always well balanced!

You can also find all the articles on the various regions of production on our website.




Several types of roasting are available on the market, but the most common types are light, medium and dark roast. Each has distinct characteristics: light roasts, for example, tend to retain the aromas of their origin flavors, which makes it much richer in taste and true to its origins. In addition, it will be more often acidulous and fruity.

Medium roast coffee, on the other hand, is probably the most balanced of all; you can enjoy a great harmony between acidity, body and bitterness!

Finally, dark roast coffee is distinguished by its bitterness and the texture of its grains, more often oily. You will find similar profiles with smoked, grilled or even burnt aromas.


Coffee grinding

The choice of grinding is essential when it's time to choose your coffee. It will greatly influence the quality of your extraction, so it is essential to choose the correct grind according to the brewing method you use.

In the case of espresso, for example, inadequate grinding will not allow you to extract the coffee optimally. The French press, meanwhile, will not brew good coffee if the coffee beans are too thin because they will obstruct the metal filter. We must therefore favor a coarse grind that will respond to its mechanics.

To find the one that best suits your type of machine, you can visit us in our coffeeshops: it will be our pleasure to help you!


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