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3 tips for drinking the best coffee anywhere, anytime!

3 tips for drinking the best coffee anywhere, anytime!

Whether you are on the edge of the beach or in the depths of the woods, at -35 degrees or at 20,000 meters above sea level, nothing prevents you from brewing coffee while camping. Here are our tips for you to brew the best cup during your outdoor adventures!


1- Privilege light and easily transportable equipment


Of course, the less things you have, the better. This is why the Aeropress, because of its lightness and size, is probably the best choice when it comes to going on a trip, followed by pour-over brewer such as the V60. Both are practical for their small weight as well as for their ease of use: a mug, a filter, some ground coffee, hot water, that's it!


Check out our Aeropress here

If you are an espresso enthusiast, the Mokapot is another possibility for camping. Its metal construct make it durable and resistant for outdoor activities.

The French press can also be an interesting option despite its weight. However, we prefer to use it for camping in car where it will be less bulky and will not have a risk of breaking.

Finally, if you are not in the mood to make your own coffee, Cold Brew in a can or bottle is ideal. Refreshing and tasty, this type of brew is perfect after a hike, a long day of fishing or any other activity!


2- Use a fresh grind 

Obviously, it is much easier to grind your coffee before you hit the road, but grinding your coffee during your trip will make your coffee fresher. Several coffee grinders easy to transport are available, and you can use them at home too!


3- Take the time to brew your own coffee

Forget the instant coffee; there is nothing better than brewing your coffee yourself during your trip. As mentioned before, many simple and practical brewing techniques are available; there is no reason not to use them!

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