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What is private label coffee?

What is private label coffee?

Generally speaking, as roasters, we select our coffees, roast them and create our own products. However, we sometimes partner up as private label roasters.


Private label coffees are created by a roaster, but packaged and sold under the brand name of another business. This allows you to produce your own brand without worrying about making good quality coffee, your brand design and your marketing strategies.

At Faro, we follow in-depth strategies guided by our different expertise to create a coffee offer that will work for your customers. This includes everything from roasting profiles, bean selection, certifications, sourcing and holding the green beans, as well as branding and marketing support for your brand.

Consumers are increasingly moving away from major chain products and demand for local and specialty products is growing significantly. Coffee is no exception, which is why the creation of private labels to offer specialty coffees is one of the most interesting avenues.


Starting out in the coffee industry to create your own product and brand can be a daunting task, especially if you have limited knowledge of the coffee industry at large. Leveraging the expertise of a private label roaster will have a positive impact in order to improve your product and make it more profitable.

The benefits are endless: cost reduction, product diversification, quality improvement, elimination of competitive benchmarks, flexibility in pricing and distribution strategies to name a few.

You will also have access to our specialty equipment and our expertise in the field, which will allow you to have a higher quality coffee. Our Diedrich roaster is custom made and caters to our every whim regarding the quality of our coffee beans. The burner technology generates clean and efficient combustion, thus much less polluting. This oven is precise, sustainable, constant, in addition to keeping this craft side from which all the art of roasting unfolds. It allows us to maintain the quality of our coffees in all circumstances, regardless of your volumes and your needs.

Four Diedrich Faro


Sustainable coffee is gaining in popularity and a commitment to good purchasing practices should be considered, especially as they will become a market requisite in the future.


Fairtrade coffee

Fairtrade certified products help support farmers and workers in their efforts to improve their lives and communities. Fairtrade certification means that the coffee has been produced by farmer organizations or on small plantations that meet the social, economic and environmental standards set by Fairtrade. These standards include the protection of workers' rights and the environment, the payment of the Fairtrade minimum price as well as the Fairtrade premium which allows investment in commercial or community projects.

The Fairtrade Premium is an additional sum of money that goes into a communal fund for workers and farmers to use to improve their social, economic and environmental conditions. Producers determine what is most important to them; whether this is education or health care for their children, improving their business, or building vital infrastructure such as roads and bridges for their community. This means investments in schools, transport, health care, sanitation facilities as well as a better environment, equipment and business practices.


A pioneer in organic certification, Ecocert has been contributing for nearly 30 years to the development of best organic farming practices, at each stage of the chain, from producer to distributor.

When your coffee is Ecocert certified, you can rest assured that it comes from production processes that respect the environment, better management of available energy and of natural resources (water, air, soil fertility), socially responsible sectors, and better product quality and safety. This certification is an essential elements to adresse current economic, social and environmental challenges. 

The land where coffee is grown is enriched with natural plant materials, and coffee growers can benefit from safer and more reliable farming practices. In addition, there is no exposure to pesticides for the coffee farmers and families who grow the coffee, and less risk of respiratory and health problems for the communities.


Coffee cupping

First and foremost, creating a coffee blend is essential for your customers to associate a certain flavor with your brand - a flavor that only you can provide. By providing quality and consistency, you can make sure you keep your customers coming back for that unique taste and aroma you will be offering.

Blends allow you to include coffees that meet the needs of a wider audience. A single-origin Ethiopian that is light, floral and complex, brewed as pour over coffee, for example, might not appeal to all customers who walk through your door. You need to understand your market and identify what your target customers are looking for. Are they looking for more traditional flavors or something out of the ordinary? What brewing method do they use? Do they drink their coffee black or with milk?


We can source specifically for you based on a desired flavor profile, value for money, and an ethical approach that suits the business. By working on a private label with us, you will have access to different sources ranging from microlots and co-op coffees, to coffees from Women Producer and organic farms. Thus, you will be able to better respond to your customers regardless of your angle.

The branding and marketing of a product can take time to develop and refine. However, our marketing team can assist you in creating your brand's visual identity and offer you graphic design services that will harmonize with your business image. Nowadays, your project must go beyond the simple creation of a logo and demonstrate added value for the client; do you want to support a cause? Offer sustainable coffees? Tell a particular story? There are so many players in the Quebec market that you have to differentiate yourself, and Faro can help you achieve it.



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