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A new roaster for a new year

A new roaster for a new year

What a thrill to FINALLY write this blog about our new roaster! It’s the best way to start the New Year. This baby is CLEARLY the most beautiful coffee roaster in the world, our dream machine! I’ll spare you all the technical details, but I have to say this: this roaster was custom built for our specific needs. It’s able to meet all our particular requirements regarding the quality of the beans we shove down its throat in massive quantities, indeed in much larger batches than before. You can tell we’re very excited about this new member of our family, can’t you?


A roaster that reflects who we are

 The most beautiful roaster in the world !

The most beautiful roaster in the world !

In order to rejuvenate our roasting plant, we had to design and find a roaster that would be able to reflect who we are and our total commitment to quality, while increasing the production output we needed. The thing is, at FARO, one of our divisions specialises in private brands and is dedicated to supplying restaurant chains, food distributors and grocery stores. It was therefore important that we remain very competitive for our customers. Some of our clients even select their own green coffee beans.  Although our new roaster is a true work horse and looks tough, it is a gem of technology and regularity. This mechanical jewel allows us to adjust roasting curves and confirm roasting temperatures from a remote location - even from my own cell phone.


The ideal machine from Diedrich

It is a hot-air and gas-fired piece of equipment. For our private brands division, it’s the ideal machine; you see, with ordinary roasters the amount of beans being roasted at one time has to remain the same if we are to obtain constant roasts. With our new beast, we can roast the amount of coffee we need for a particular batch since it adjusts its roasting curve according to the amount of beans it contains. We can therefore continuously obtain perfect batches of coffee with all the specific aromas, every time, all the time, whatever the amount of beans poured in the beast’s belly. This is quite a benefit for our type of production!

The challenge was to find a roaster capable of meeting the financial requirements of our private brand division while being able to reproduce FARO’s quality products in greater quantities. Given the increase in demand for such superior products, we needed to deliver the same FARO quality to large food chains.

Believe me, this machine does the job exceptionally well. It is a more precise, greener, steadier, tougher machine, and a highly praised piece of equipment in our industry. But still, it allows the artisan touch, where the art of coffee roasting prevails. Here are a few pics of OUR OWN best looking roaster in the world! 

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