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On the nose, very fruity and sweet coffee notes, with almost hints of peach. In the mouth, the coffee is very smooth, with the fruity aspect remaining very prominent, excellent acidity, a lingering and pleasant finish. Notes of pecan, pomegranate, honey.

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Country: Guatemala

Region: San Rafael Pie de la Cuesta, San Marcos

Altitude: 1100-1450 M

Farm: El Platanillo

Variety: Bourbon

Roast: Pale

Process: Naturel

Recommended Brew

Filter, Chemex, V60

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Same producteur, same relationship, new crops

Since our first visit in 2015 to the Las Lajas cooperative, our relationships and exchanges with local producers have continued to increase. This allows us to roast complex and interesting specialty coffees, of incomparable quality from year to year.

It is from 1300 M above sea level that the Chacon Solano family has grown their coffee for over 80 years and three generations. The current genereation led by Oscar and Francisca Chacon has started organic farming about 30 years ago and became one of the few Costa Rica farm to be officially certified organic. They are also pioneers in Costa Rica when it comes to honey processes. This new batch comes directly from the family farm, and was harvested that this year.

The Faro Team with Samuel Coto, Stuardo's son

A family owned farm since 1977

In 1977, Samuel Coto Escobar purchased Finca El Platanillo and managed it until 1985. In 1985, the farm management was transferred to the youngest son, Stuardo Coto. Since then, he has focused on the ecosystem, the community, coffee quality and productivity.

At Finca El Platanillo, Stuardo has succeeded in promoting and perpetuating environmentally friendly practices that not only comply with current certifications but also align with his personal quest to find the balance between the local ecosystem and a productive, high-quality coffee plantation, all within a harmonious environment. Close monitoring of flora and fauna has allowed the rich habitat of the region to thrive on the farm.

why is black honey a unique coffee?

It is above all the drying process that makes this coffee particularly unique:

The freshly picked cherries are sorted in a flotation tank (or by hand). Foreign bodies, waste and leaves are removed and discarded

The ripe and healthy fruits are then pulped using a machine which takes care to remove the minimum mucilage possible. Once pulped, the coffee cherries are put in the sun to dry: they are often spread out on an African bed, a patio or a concrecte slab.

The rest of the mucilage around the bean then caramelizes and takes on a more amber color, then the bean absorbs the sugar contained in the mucilage.

a whole community around the farm

A community has formed over the years within the farm itself. People living on-site have access to their own garden to cultivate vegetables. Fresh water from the farm's seven water sources is also provided to the residents as well as neighboring communities.

Education has also been one of the top priorities at Finca El Platanillo. The farm had a small school since 1978 that provided primary education to the children living there. In 2002, with the help of loyal customers, the Nuevo Platanillo School was opened as a project to provide education to the children of El Platanillo and also to children from neighboring communities who wanted to learn. The school is located on land initially donated by the farm, very close to different communities. This project has continuously evolved, and the school building has been improved on numerous occasions. A fully connected computer lab providing internet access to all children is used to teach computer basics from a young age.

Students at Nuevo Platanillo School

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