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Brew Guide by FARO: the V60

The simple and versatile V60 brewing method allows you to control all components of coffee extraction.

Hario, a world-renowned Japanese coffee company, has made popular the use of V60 in North America and Europe.

This capsule lets you master the brewing technique of V60, to enjoy all the aromas of your morning coffee


You will need: a v60 cone, a v60 filter, fresh coffee (filter grind), a digital scale and a stopwatch.

STEP 1: Fold and rinse filter

Fold your filter to insert it into the V60 cone. Let the water flow into your cup / container, then empty it.

Step 2: measure and grind

Grind your coffee (filter grind), then weigh it. Here we try to respect a ratio of 1/16, so for example 20g of ground coffee for 320g of drink in the end.

Step 3: blooming time !

Pour your hot water (94 degrees) up to about halfway up your filter, then let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds.

Step 4: pour

You are ready to brew your coffee! Keep an eye on your scale and pour water into your filter, making circular movements. Let everything brew for 3 minutes.

Step 5: Serve and enjoy !

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