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Chef's discoveries (4 LB)

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Guatemela Waykan Profile

Let chef Danny St Pierre take you on a rich and complex journey, discovering coffees from unique terrains.

In this box you will find:

2 LB of Guatemela Waykan, a creamy and sweet profile with aromas of apples and honey. A taste adventure worthy of the green hills of Guatemala.


More information

Country: Guatemala

Region: Quiche

Variety: Typica, Bourbon, Catuai

Altitude: 1100-1800 M 

Roasting: Light

Process: Washed

Recommended Brew

Espresso, filter

Liscio Profile

2 LB of Liscio Blend, specially created for a traditionally italian taste, it will charm you with its creamy texture, with a slight hint of acidity.

More information

Country: Costa Rica, Tanzania and India

Variety: 75% Arabica, 25% Kapi Royal

Roasting: Medium Roast

Recommended Brew


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