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What is Microlot Coffee?

What is Microlot Coffee?

Over time, many terms have been created and adapted to meet the needs and expectations of the specialty coffee industry. One such term is microlot, which is used by many to refer to small, proprietary, traceable batches of coffee.

The terroir in a cupMicrolot coffee picking Guatemala producer

Although blends are common in the world of coffee, microlots bring their share of perks, especially through the unique profiles they can offer.

The coffee beans we brew every day are the seeds of the fruit, more commonly known as coffee cherries. Yes, coffee is grown! And like all good products grown with care, we can taste the whole terroir of the plant when we drink it. For us, tasting these unique, terroir-driven flavors is one of the things we love about coffee; we love how these flavors shine through in the cup, as a testament to all the work that went into producing it.

If we think of a particular flavor profile that we enjoy - say, heavy-body with notes of ripe fruit and cocoa - there is a coffee whose natural flavors fit that description, and those flavors so unique are achieved through the terroir and the processing of those cherries, nothing else.

Spotlight on the producerCoffee picking producer Guatemala microlot

The term Microlot has become popular among many producers, Third Wave enthusiasts, which is characterized by the importance placed on quality coffees produced in a sustainable way, treated with care, and giving customers a unique experience.

Consumers these days are increasingly demanding more details about the farms, varieties and processing methods involved in producing the coffee they drink, which microlots enable by proving that a certain coffee is traceable and distinctive. Choosing microlots not only ensures producers sort and process their coffees more carefully, but also makes it easier for them to build long-term relationships with buyers.

The labor involved in growing coffee is essential; farmers work hard to care for their trees and to produce high-quality coffee, from the nursery to the hand-harvesting of cherries. Their well-being is linked to their coffee trees – drought, severe weather and plant disease can all impact their plants and, in turn, the lives of farmers. Often, they must carry out different crops as well as parallel activities to diversify their income due to the uncertainties associated with coffee cultivation.

Given all the care that goes into producing their coffees, we think it's the least we can do to give credit where it's deserved. Although we like blends, they neglect the people behind the cup since they allow less good traceability of the coffees used. Microlots have the advantage of showcasing farmers and all their work, offering you bags of coffee for which a producer can take full responsibility.
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