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Myth about the buzz on caffeine

Myth about the buzz on caffeine

Let's be honest: we all drink coffee for its effects.

Since its discovery in 1819, caffeine has remained the most widely used psychotropic stimulant in the world. In order to find out which coffee will give you the greatest caffeine buzz, let us give you a few notions of solubility.

The solubility of caffeine is measured in terms of weight, not mass volume, symbolizing the ability of ground coffee to dissolve in hot water. It is therefore important to compare your coffee extractions to the weighing (number of grams) of your coffee cup and not to its volume (number of ounces). The temperature of your brew is also very influential. For example, an extraction at 73 degrees F. will amount to 16 mg of caffeine per 1 ml of water whereas for an infusion between 176 degrees F. and 212 degrees F. will result from 200 mg of caffeine for 666 mg (remember us here that 1 mg = 1ml). Solubility therefore undeniably increases with temperature. Coffees brewed with hot water without any other pressure measurement, will have substantially the same level of caffeine. Only the type of filter could have a slight impact on the caffeine concentration since certain types of filters will intercept the caffeine during a brew.


Do not be fooled: although the espresso turns out to be more caffeinated than the filter or drip brew, it should be considered that an espresso represents only 1 to 3 ounces per serving whereas a filter coffee symbolizes between 12 and 16 ounces of coffee consumed. Inevitably, filter coffee will offer you more caffeine, notwithstanding all the mathematical calculations related to the psychoactive molecule.

Roasting also feeds its share of myths regarding caffeine. But hey, unless you have abused the latter, a break is essential.

- Valérie Verhoef
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