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This kit contains

This kit contains 2 LB of Burundi Kayanza coffee, to which we add a V60 and its 40 filters.


- 2LB of Burundi Kayanza

- a V60 brewer made by Hario

- 40 white filters

- a carafe


Very balanced coffee, with delicate acidity. Small hint of lime, very round mouth feel, almost creamy. Sweet finish.

More information

Country: Burundi

Region: Buyenzi, Kayanza

Altitude: 1950 M

Farm: Group of farmers

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Washed

Recommended Brew

Filter, Chemex, V60, Vacuum

How to brew a perfect coffee with your new V60

place the filter inside the v60 cone

wet the filter and discard the water

add the desired quantity of coffee

add just enough water to moisten the ground coffee, in a circular and gradual fashion. Wait approximately 30 seconds for the coffee to bloom; you will see the bubbles forming.

pour water using the same way, while ensuring that the water does not come into direct contact with the paper filter.

once you have reached 3 minutes of brewing, you should have one serving of brewed coffee.

remove the v60 cone and pour the coffee into a hot cup. Savor!

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