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In espresso, this coffee offers us a fresh taste of brown sugar with its hints of caramel. The herbaceous and floral notes are alors well marked. In filter and pour-over it is the aromas of citrus that emerge the most, especially at the end of the mouth. We then find some acquaintances with fruits like apricot and plum. All in all, this is a very balanced coffee, with just enough acidity and bitterness for a lingering but pleasant finish.

Viva Colombia!

Region: Pitalito municipality, Huila

Altitude: 1600-1700 m

Variety: Colombian and Caturra

Roasting: Light

Process: Washed and dried  


Recommended infusions:

Espresso manual or automatic:

19g in with an out between 30 and 35g, 25 seconds extraction

Filter: ratio of 1/15

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